Welcome to the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (AREBT) International Conference 2023.

This year the conference theme is:  Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: Past, Present and Future.

Monday 4th December to Wednesday 6th December 2023

This year we are celebrating 30 years of AREBT by holding a 3-day event. This virtual conference will be held on Monday 4th December to Wednesday 6th December.

Conference keynotes and papers will be held on Day 2, Tuesday 5th December.

We are delighted to welcome a line-up of international experts in the field of REBT who will be speaking at our Annual AREBT Conference. Each keynote speaker will give their keynote in the Zoom webinar platform. Depending upon availability, after giving their keynote, some speakers will transfer to our Zoom meeting breakout room so that they can answer any questions in further depth and generally discuss the topic. Also an opportunity to meet the speaker.

Booking: Visit Eventbrite to obtain your conference ticket. Current AREBT members can attend the conference and workshops for free. However, it is essential to book your place prior to the event.

If you have any queries, please contact Claire at the administration office: admin@arebt.one

Programme: Conference keynotes and invited papers

Session 1


10.00am (UK time) KEYNOTE 1 – Dr Martin J. Turner: The study of REBT in sport and high performance settings

10.45am to 11.15am (UK time) – SPEAKER NETWORKING with Dr. Martin J Turner

Session 2

11.15am (UK time) KEYNOTE 2 – Dr Daniel David: The empirical status of REBT theory and practice: Past, Present and Future

12.00noon (UK time) KEYNOTE 3 – Prof. Stephen Palmer: Was Dr Albert Ellis a Pioneer of Positive Psychology? Further reflections a decade later

12.45pm to 13.15pm (UK time) – SPEAKER NETWORKING with Prof. Stephen Palmer

13.15pm to 14.00pm (UK time) – LUNCH, NETWORKING, MEET THE SPONSORS in the Conference Hub

13.15pm to 14.00pm (UK time) – PRE-RECORDED INVITED PAPER: Dr Diana Nechita: Unconditional self-acceptance and self-compassion: different constructs or different labels? 

NB: Video recording available to view all week.

Session 3

14.00pm (UK time) KEYNOTE 4 – Dr Kristene A. Doyle: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Eating Disorders: Considerations for Treatment

15.00pm to 15.30pm (UK time) – SPEAKER NETWORKING with Dr Kristene A Doyle

Session 4

INVITED PAPER SESSION 15.30pm to 16.20pm (UK time)

This is the PhD researcher session stream

15.30pm (UK time) INVITED PAPER – Paul Young: Can Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and Mindfulness be Integrated Effectively within High Performance Settings?

15.50pm (UK time) INVITED PAPER – Jo Hensel: Can a Rational Emotive Behaviour intervention reduce performance anxiety and enhance the psychological wellbeing of conservatoire music students?

16.20pm to 16.45pm (UK time) – SPEAKER NETWORKING with Paul Young & Jo Hensel

17.00pm to 17.45pm (UK time) – AREBT ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (Members and invited guests only. Voting rights for current members)

WORKSHOPS on 4th & 6th December, 2023

Workshops will be on Day 1 and Day 3.

Workshop 1 – Monday 4th December 2023 – 10.00am to 12.00noon GMT

Title: Rationality in an “irrational” world: Using REBT in performance settings

Dr. Martin James Turner PhD CPsychol FAREBT (Acad)

Workshop 2 – Wednesday 6th December 2023 – 10.00am to 12.30pm GMT

Back to Basics in 2023: Using relaxation techniques in rational emotive and cognitive behavioural counselling, psychotherapy and coaching practice

Prof Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol FAREBT & Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD CPsychol MAREBT (Acad)

Workshop 3 – Wednesday 6th December 2023 – 14.00pm to 17.00pm GMT

Risk and ethics in private practice.

Denise Christy MSc MAREBT Accred & Edelweiss Collings MSc MAREBT (Accred)