Dr. Martin J. Turner

Keynote: “It made me so angry!”: The measurement, and emotional implications, of A-C and B-C thinking.

Date: 30 November, 2021 – Time: 11.00 to 11.45 GMT

Keynote speaker: Dr. Martin J. Turner

Fundamental to rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) and coaching (REBC) is the notion that thoughts and beliefs (cognition) mediate between adverse events and emotion reactivity (consequences). This notion is captured by Ancient Stoic philosopher Epictetus who said that “If someone succeeds in provoking you, realize that your mind is complicit in the provocation.” In this talk, Dr. Martin Turner discusses the notion of cognitive mediation, and cognitive change, from a scientific and coaching perspective. Dr. Turner shares the development of a psychometric that assesses individuals beliefs that a) emotions occur as a result of external events alone (A-C), and b) that emotions occur as a result of how we think about external events (B-C). Recent data are discussed pertaining to the cognitive-mediation beliefs questionnaire (CMBQ; Turner et al., 2021), which indicates the practice implications of assessing A-C and B-C beliefs via the CMBQ. Discussion is centred around links between the CMBQ, its tenets, and emotion regulation theory and research.

Dr. Martin J. Turner is Reader in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered and Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the BPS. He is the current Chair of the BPS West Midlands Branch. He is most known for his work applying rational emotive behaviour coaching (REBC) within achievement settings, and the effects of stress and adversity on human wellbeing and performance. In his work he also examines the psychophysiology of the human stress response, and its relationship to human functioning under pressure. He holds an Advanced Practicum Certificates in REBT from the Albert Ellis Institute. He has won four awards for his research; the 2018 and 2020 Albert Ellis Award, the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award for Research from the U.K. Association for REBT, the 2013 BPS Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (DSEP) PhD Thesis of the year award. His research demonstrates over 60 peer-reviewed papers, over 10 book chapters, and 3 books. He has completed psychology consultancy work across athletic (e.g., the FA), occupational (e.g., SONY), and military settings (e.g., SAS).

Contact email address: m.turner@mmu.ac.uk