We will be holding 2 workshops on Tuesday, 1st December. These workshops are free to AREBT members.

Workshop A: How we have adapted our therapy to support clients in the current pandemic

Time: 10.00 -12.00 GMT
Coffee/tea break 10.45-11.00 GMT

Workshop facilitators: Edelweiss Collings & Kasia Steyn

This workshop will be a mixture of presentation and discussion forums:

• Moving from face to face to virtual zoom sessions (introduction of different therapy groups)
• Introduce and expansion of CCBT (Silvercloud) Addition of challenging times module
• How we adapted our current treatment groups) e.g. Transdiagnostic anxiety and depression, OCD and Resilience Groups
• Addition of 2 more transdiagnostic groups (e.g. next steps to emotional distress)
• Outline of techniques used
• Feedback from clients
• Forward view

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Workshop B: How we have adapted personally and professionally in challenging times

Time: 13.30 – 15.30 GMT
Coffee/ Tea Break 14.30 – 14.45 GMT

Workshop facilitators: Edelweiss Collings & Kasia Steyn

Experiential group with the aim of understanding how we have adapted our individual therapy styles to meet the needs of our clients:

• What has been the impact of this on ourselves?
• What did we learn?
• Which beliefs stood in the way of Psychological flexibility (if any?)
• What action was taken?
• Going forward – what should we change?
• What can the AREBT do to support their members

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Edelweiss Collings

Edelweiss Collings MSc MAREBT Accred is one of the co-chairs of the AREBT and completed her MSc in RECBT at Goldsmiths University. Since completing her degree and dual accreditation with the BABCP and AREBT she has worked in IAPT as a CBT therapist, supervisor and Clinical Lead in a London service. She holds particular interest in Stress and Coping in Adulthood and Emotional Resilience and Positive Psychology. Currently, she is working closely with Kasia Steyn on developing new groups to support clients suffering emotional distress and uncertainty in the current pandemic using a trans-diagnostic blended approach to therapy.

Kasia Steyn

Kasia Steyn completed her MSc in RECBT at Goldsmiths University. She works in IAPT as a Senior HI CBT Therapist, supervisor, Lead for Trauma and Joint Digital Therapy. She holds provisional dual accreditation with BABCP and AREBT. Her interest is in transdiagnostic treatment of anxiety and improving access to CBT therapy using new technology. Currently she is working closely with Edelweiss Collings on developing new groups, to support clients suffering from emotional distress during the pandemic, using transdiagnostic blended approach.