Dr. Martin James Turner

Keynote: The study of REBT in sport and high performance settings

Time: 10.00 GMT to 10.45 GMT (including 10 minutes Q&As)

Breakout room: 10.45 GMT to 11.15 GMT

Keynote speaker: Dr Martin J, Turner (UK). Manchester Metropolitan University and the AREBT Research Centre Advisory Board

In 2023 the Journal of RECBT published a special issue on the study of REBT in sport and performance settings. This special issue was the culmination of over a decade of intense research and applied reports on the application of REBT in performance settings, but really the writing on REBT in sport goes back to 1985. In this keynote, one of its editors, Dr. Martin Turner, captures and reflects on the main themes of the special issue, but also of the field overall. Dr. Turner will bring together key learnings from the research into the implications of irrational beliefs for sport, where these beliefs might come from, and the use of REBT as an applied approach to sport, exercise, and performance psychology.

Dr. Martin J. Turner is a Reader in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered and Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist. Martin has published his research widely, in over 100 peer reviewed papers, and various book chapters, and books. He is most known for his work applying rational emotive behaviour theory (REBT) within achievement settings, and the effects of stress and adversity on human wellbeing and performance. In his work he also examines the psychophysiology of the human stress response, and its relationship to human functioning under pressure. Most of his research concerns sport, but he also investigates other performance contexts like business, military, and public services. He has received four awards for his research, including an Outstanding Achievement Award from the U.K. Association for REBT. As a practitioner, he has worked within professional sport for >10 years in a range of sports. He also works with non-sporting organisations applying performance psychology to enhance wellbeing and performance. His newest book is called “The Sport and Performance Psychologist’s Guide To Practicing Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy”.